First Time

To anyone finding this blog for the first time I must apologize now. My blog normally resides with blogger .com…but they won’t let me post…so I am trying to make a new blog site here. The one thing about blogger is they have a very easy using site. I am finding it really hard to get the settings and layout down over here, of course it doesn’t help that I am really….really dense when it comes to working with technology… if you are going to visit this site you will have to be very patient and bare with my stupidity. If you would like to see what I will keep trying to get here  you can go see my old blog at

Well I’m doing pretty good I have text and a pic…..wahoo. To kick off this blog I will introduce you to one of the Morgans. Down below is Mattie you will probably see pics of her from time to time…she is the most well rounded of the horses…at least for now. Well I am going to go while I’m still feeling lucky. Hopefully I will figure WordPress out soon.



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