Sadly At The End

Well for you folks showing Country pride we have sadly come to the end of a rather grand Olympics, I say sadly because I found myself getting quite caught up in some of the events…..and I almost wish they would go on for awhile…but alas all good things must come to an end. I guess if they went on for too long we would all get tired of it. So congrats to all the Countries that put forth such effort and made it to the podiums and to all the competitors that tried their very best and didn’t make it, we’ll see you next time. I will apologize now if it’s seems like gloating…..but I must say  ….   YAY Canada way to bring it home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have to say……. well just because I think it needs saying and because we are all entitled to our own opinion….what do you guys think of this going back as far as 10 yrs to check for doping. I think it cast a bit of a pall on  these Olympics and my humble opinion is this. Test all athletes prior to competing and if there is any question about a certain athlete test again during the games. I think it sucks that people cheat but if you can’t catch them at the time I find it ridicules to go back years and years to catch these cheaters….personally I wouldn’t want a medal 8 yrs after the fact… has come and gone and that’s the way the chips fall. Anyhow I just had to say that so what do you think?

While I’m venting my opinion… I have to ask the burning question that most figure skating fans are asking  Will they ever find a way to make the scoring fair …….!!!!!!!!!


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